Private label anti-acne products

We offer stock and custom private label acne treatments products, our stock acne line have passed the OTC testing required by FDA.

Below are our stock acne products, which consists of cleanser, toner and an anti-acne gel.

Our stock anti acne Line are all specifically formulated to help clients get rid of acne the right way; it contains select ingredients with acne-fighting compounds that can effectively help you deal with acne and other blemishes properly and effectively. These products are specifically formulated to help you deal with acne by targeting the root cause of the problem; it utilizes unique ingredients that can easily help you deal with your acne problems by fighting against acne-causing bacteria, providing your skin with moisture for repair and reduce dark and red spots.

Blemish Control Foaming Gel Cleanser(stock private label)

Treat your skin to a facial cleanser that improves and prevents unsightly blemishes as it cleanses. This non-irritating gel formula removes oil and impurities, secretions and makeup leaving the skin remarkably clean, smooth and soft.

Blemish Purifying Toner(stock private label)

This naturally hydrating acne toner removes trace impurities and excess oil without drying the skin. Formulated with a combination of ingredients to minimize the appearance of pores and nourish acne damaged skin.

Anti-Acne Treatment Gel(stock private label)

Anti-Acne Treatment Gel is a combination of advanced ingredients that treat the most common concerns associated with acne, helping to clear current blemishes while preventing future breakouts. Provides a non- drying formula that addresses future blemishes before they even appear, and also treats existing blemishes, breakouts and blackheads without drying or stripping the skin. Contains 2% Salicylic Acid and water soluble azelaic acid.

This product has passed 90 days OTC stability testing.

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