Private label anti-cellulite & body firming products

Top Brands offers stock and custom private label / OEM anti-cellulite & body firming products. You can either buy our top stock formulas or have us make you custom formula based on your specifications.

Our stock private label anti-cellulite and body firming products:

Model Firming, Anti-Cellulite Cream (stock private label)

A new type of cellulite treatments that contains ingredients that have shown great results with before and after pictures to prove the effectiveness, this product is a high end product and contains high percentages of the actives to insure that it will work properly. This product contains a raw material that has passed clinical studies.

Body Firming Lotion (stock private label)

This is a must with any cellulite treatment regimen, the body firming lotion will firm orange peel looking skin and tighten it, giving the body a firm feel and look.

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