Private label body and bath and soaps products

Top Brands Laboratories offers amazing private label / OEM bath & body and soaps products, these items can also be used as promotional items, as well as unique gift ideas and freebies. These items can also be utilized as corporate giveaways; they are the perfect little souvenirs and tokens that you can give to your clients or employees alike.

Products such as private label shower gels, private label body lotions, private label body creams, private label body butters, private label body scrubs … can all be done at your specifications, using latest scents/ fragrances or your own unique ones.

The bath & face and body and soaps can range from regular daily use for mass market to the fashionable, stylish and quirky soap designs.

Many of our soaps and body and bath products are sold at hotels, spa resorts, department stores, drug stores or specialty stores. We can offer you with a wide array of finished designs or you can let us design and or manufacture your exclusive soap logos, ideas and or patterns. We can even work with you to provide you with your desired soap colors as well as scents so you can easily be able to get the Bath & Body soaps that you want.

To help you get the soap designs that you want us to manufacture, you can give us the theme or even a miniature logo of your company, you can also choose from different colors, scents and soap types, you can choose from a wide range of designs which include:

  • Regular shapes for mass market
  • Seasonal themes
  • Unique shapes
  • Different color patterns
  • Seashell designs
  • Cute animal patterns
  • Fruits and fruit slices
  • Pie shapes
  • Floral patterns
  • And other unique shapes, colors and designs


We also cater to the needs of different establishments including Hotels and other similar business. Our products can very well be the extra detail that your establishment needs to make sure that your clients feel relaxed, comfortable and pampered. We can easily supply your hotel with different hotel amenities and hotel toiletries that will surely amaze and astound your clients simply because they are all made from high quality ingredients and they are also able to provide your clients skin, hair and body with such a luxurious pampering that they will surely be looking forward to these items every time they stay at your hotels.

Top Brands Laboratories can provide you with the best hotel toiletries in travel-friendly and very handy sizes, you can distribute these items on each of your hotel’s rooms and you can even order specialized products such as moisturizers, body lotions and sunscreens for your suites and other high-tier rooms and accommodations. These products are all specifically formulated for private label skin care and they are available at low minimum packages, and these products can be infused with custom scents or stock scents depending on your hotel’s needs and preferences. Our hotel amenities product line includes:

  • Private Label Shower Gel
  • Private Label Bubble Bath
  • Private Label Body Lotion
  • Private Label Body Mist
  • Private Label Bath Salt


Our specialized skincare, body care and hair care products for hotel amenities are definitely among the best hotel toiletries you could ever find in the market today, our unique formulation will definitely be one of your hotel’s surprising perks that your clients will come to love, look for during every stay and perhaps even try to get extra bottles of at your staff’s housekeeping carts, which is why we may be able to offer you with full-sized versions of the toiletries you ordered for your hotel just in case you would also want to sell them at the hotel lobby.

Though they are but small parts of the entire experience and host of amenities that your hotel is able to provide, these small details can actually take your client’s experience to a whole new level especially when they are made from high quality ingredients. And to help you get the best products for your hotel, we are now also offering amongst the most sought after hotel toiletries such as those which incorporate aroma therapy, calming scents, as well as relaxing and stress-reducing ingredients.

We offer body lotions, shower gels, bubble bath, body scrubs (salt or sugar Based) products which can be used for professional, high end market and mass market as well as aromatherapy, medium end and high end lines. We are very confident that you will love the products and the packaging options that we offer, our available scents can also be suited to whatever you may need and we can gladly work with you to come up or develop he ideal product or product line for your hotels.

At this time all of our body and bath, soaps, hotel amenities are custom based on customer’s specifications.

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