Cosmetic packaging – low minimum – stock cosmetic jars and bottles – custom cosmetic jars and bottles

Top Brands offers low end and high end cosmetic packaging, cosmetic jars and cosmetic bottles and tubes, we offer low minimum as well as we sell large volume of different types of cosmetic packaging.

We have stock cosmetic packaging that you can buy as low as 500 pcs and we can silkscreen/ print at this low minimum, we also offer high end high volume cosmetic packaging that is customized to your need, the low minimum cosmetic packaging is offered at certain sizes and colors, anything less than 3000-5000 cosmetic jars and bottles can not be customized and is offered as is, cosmetic jars and bottles of 3000-5000 pcs per size per color can be customized depend on style, size…

Please email us to get info on the available stock cosmetic packaging.

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