Private label dry skin care products

Top Brands’s private label dry skin productsare for dry and mature skins that have been specifically formulated to effectively help you deal with different dry skin problems. Dry skin is a leading cause for premature skin aging, and a myriad of other skin issues; this is why we have developed different products which can easily cater to both mature and dry skin. These products are specifically formulated to hydrate your skin and at the same time, protect it from the early signs of premature skin aging.

We offer stock and custom private label dry skin products.

Stock private label dry skin care products:

Moisture Rich Milk Cleanser (stock private label)

A gentle milky cleanser that can be used by cotton or simply applied to skin and washed off, unlike the older type of milky cleansers that can only be used by cotton. Will gently removes impurities, oil secretions and makeup with soothing effects without disturbing the natural pH balance of your skin. Moisture Rich Cleanser is very mild and gentle, leaves skin revitalized, smooth, refreshed and luxuriously hydrated. Can also be sold as a makeup remover.

Hydrating Firming Toner (stock private label)

This uniquely firming, refreshing, and hydrating toner formula add an excellent moisture rich radiance to the skin. Gently tones and helps minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines with its skin firming and soothing properties. Leaves the skin feeling clean, smooth, youthful and dazzling.

Hydra Plus Day Cream (stock private label)

An intensive hydrating and moisture-retaining effects with a light but moisture rich cream that protects the skin from damaging free radicals. All Day cream has advanced protective film forming ingredients that protect against water loss and dehydration giving your skin a hydrated, fresh and supple appearance. Helps to diminish signs of premature ageing, sun damage and the dull visible effects of dehydration.

Night Perfect Repair Cream (stock private label)

An exceptionally rich but light night care cream, night Perfect Repair replenishes moisture and nutrients while your body rests and prepares your skin for the next day. This intensive, hydrating reparative cream nourishes your skin with vital nutrients to create a healthy, radiant glow. Formulated to stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells, Night Perfect Repair improves your skin’s elasticity and smooth texture reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Super Hydrating Mask (stock private label)

Maintain your healthy glow with moisture rich skincare. This super hydrating mask gives the skin an instant moisturizing boost; protecting against damaging free radicals, and dehydration to keep your skin balanced and dazzling. Helps to replenish the skin after tanning treatments, outdoor activities or loss of hydration from indoor heating or air conditioning.

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