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TOP BRANDS offers private label hair care products such as hair shampoos, hair conditioners, hair pre-styling and styling products, hair oils and argan oil and Moroccan beautiful oils and treatments, Brazilian hair treatments and keratin treatments, hair loss treatments. We offer some stock hair care products but most of our products are custom made to our clients specifications, all what you need to do is tell us what you want, what ingredients and effects you like to achieve and we will be happy to work with you.

Some of our stock private label hair care shampoos, conditioners, pre-styling and styling products are below:

Good Morning Shampoo (stock private label)

Private label hair care shampoo: The Good Morning Shampoo is an amazing shampoo that you can use every day, this is the best shampoo that you can use if you want to have a refreshing and re-invigorating shower. This professional hair care shampoo contains a moisture rich formula that thoroughly cleanses your skin as well as your scalp and at the same time, it is gentle enough to make sure that your skin will stay shiny and healthy. This amazing shampoo is perfect for all hair type.

Clarifying Shampoo(stock private label)

Private label hair care shampoo :The Clarifying Shampoo is another unique hair care product that we have developed in order to help you deal with hair problems, it is one of the best hair care shampoo for oily hair types. This product contains highly select ingredients that will help you effectively remove oil from your hair and scalp without drying your hair or disturbing its natural oil levels. It also utilizes natural ingredients such as lemongrass and thyme in order to help you deal with excessive oil production which can make your hair heavy, smelly and your scalp itchy.

The Clarifying Shampoo is also formulated to help effectively clean away dirt and oils that were either produced naturally by your follicles or left behind by harsh and heavy hair care products. Excess oils and other chemicals are known to cause hair damage, it can cause scalp irritations and increase the chances of you suffering from dull, dry hair as well as split ends and dandruff. Fortunately, the Clarifying Shampoo can be utilized effectively to you deal with this problem as well as protect your skin from future hair issues, the eucalyptus ingredient also helps remove both chlorine and oil buildup on your scalp as well as along the shafts of your hair.

Deep Cleansing Healing Shampoo(stock private label)

Private label hair care shampoo: The Deep Cleansing Healing Shampoo is a great hair care product that can easily help you get rid of hair impurities from excess oil and other pollutants, which may damage your hair. This is one of the best shampoo products you can use when you have dirty, damaged and lifeless hair; this is because it contains select ingredients which are very useful when it comes to improving the appearance of your hair and the condition of your scalp. This very effective and potent shampoo contains tea tree and jojoba oil that helps you treat dry scalp and dry hair, these ingredients allow you to have shiny and livelier hair that is visibly full of life.

The Deep Cleansing Healing Shampoo is also formulated to help you moisturize your scalp so you can avoid having to deal with dry scalp problems and even dandruff; it also helps you avoid scalp irritations since it can easily help make your scalp and hair healthier and free from damage and it can also help speed up damage repair on your scalp while strengthening your hair at the root at the same time.

So Gentle Shampoo(stock private label)

Private label hair care shampoo :The So Gentle Shampoo is a very gentle hair care shampoo that is perfect for the needs of delicate hair; this is the best shampoo for people who want to care for colored or treated hair as it is able to thoroughly cleanse their hair without disturbing its artificial color as well as the treatments that it has gone through. This hair care product is specifically formulated to help strengthen your hair at the roots, this gives your hair more body as well as a healthy shine and feel, though your hair has been colored or treated, it can still look more beautiful than ever with the help of this amazingly gentle shampoo.

The So Gentle Shampoo also contains select ingredients which gives strength and body to your hair, it contains essential oils of chamomile and nettle which are specially blended together with jojoba oil in order to nourish your hair and help to recover from over-stress, coloring and chemical treatments, this allows your hair to look livelier than ever and it can even help give your hair color a more intense and beautiful hue.

Good Morning Conditioner(stock private label)

Private label hair care conditioner: Good Morning Conditioner is an amazingly refreshing hair care conditioner that we consider as one of the best hair conditioning products that you can utilize if you want to feel fresh, energized and lively as you shower. This amazing conditioner contains the essential oils of eucalyptus as well as peppermint that helps give you an invigorating as well as refreshing feeling on your hair and scalp, this conditioner is ideal for very dry or brittle hair as it provides a lot of moisture as well as nutrients that can effectively help you deal with dryness, tangles and flyaway hair.

This product is highly recommended if you want to wake up and start your day with a refreshing and lively feeling, this amazing conditioner can also be utilized after going through a long, tiresome and stressful day simply because it helps soothe and calm down your scalp. But more than being able to give you a calm and relaxing feeling, this product also provides a lot of benefits for your scalp and hair. The ingredients used in the Good Morning Conditioner is actually great for those who want volume and body without weighing down your hair, it is also able to provide you control from static and it will help you get smooth, soft, velvety and beautifully shiny hair.

Add Body Conditioner (stock private label)

Private label hair care conditioner: Add Body Conditioner is another amazing hair conditioner which provides you with a unique hair care benefit, we consider this product as the best hair conditioner for people who badly need more volume and body for their hair. This product actually contains hair-energizing ingredients, which includes Rosemary and Almond oils, these and the rest of the ingredients are known to provide your hair with the moisture as well as the nutrients that it needs to look visibly full-bodied and more beautiful than ever. Not only does this product help condition your hair, it gives your hair more volume, weight and body in order to help make you look more beautiful.

The Add Body Conditioner also contains ingredients that provide you with naturally a derived infusion of moisture as well as the addition of shine and revitalization that allows you to have an increase in hair volume. Individuals who have fine hair textures will definitely be able to have thicker and fuller hair with the help of the Add Body Conditioner; with constant use, individuals who have medium or coarse hair will be able to get silky smooth, heavier and livelier hair.

Rescue Deep Conditioner (stock private label)

Private label hair care conditioner : The Rescue Deep Conditioner is a very unique hair conditioner simply because it is able to provide much needed strength for fragile hair; we consider this one of the best hair conditioning treatments for individuals who has thin, damaged and delicate hair. This potent hair conditioner contains ingredients that are able to help you repair damaged hair as well as provide body and volume to thin and fragile hair, its active ingredients are easily absorbed by your scalp and this is why it can easily help improve your hair’s texture, condition and appearance from the roots to the shafts.

The Rescue Deep Conditioner also contains the essential oils of sage and safflower, these as well as the rest of its select and high quality ingredients can easily provide you with smooth, silky and manageable hair. This product is more than just your ordinary conditioner, it actually contains specific ingredients that can help provide you with different hair care benefits. These ingredients gives you all these different hair care benefits simply by providing moisture, nutrients and vitality to your hair, this gives more bounce and liveliness to you hair which becomes noticeably fuller and beautifully shinier.

Extreme Repair Hair Masque (stock private label)

Private label hair care conditioner: Extreme Repair Hair Masque is one of the best hair repair conditioner for individuals who have very damaged hair. It contains potent ingredients which are very useful for severely dry hair and for hair that has gone through extensive chemical treatments resulting in breakage, split ends and many more hair problems. The Extreme Repair Hair Masque provides your hair with deep and intensive treatment specifically designed to help restore your hair’s natural moisture levels as well as its strength and structure.

The Extreme Repair Hair Masque utilizes oils in order to help you regain your hair’s natural bounce, volume and body, these as well as the rest of its ingredients can replace your hair’s lost moisture and it also helps revitalize your scalp so you can have hair that is both strong and beautiful from the roots and all the way to the shafts. More than your ordinary hair conditioner, this product contains a wide array of health benefits that will surely help you get beautiful and problem-free hair without the extensive damage and only beautifully shiny and soft hair. This is definitely a must-have hair conditioner if you feel that your hair needs intense repair as well as a huge boost of rejuvenation so it can feel good and look beautiful once more.

Private label hair care pre-styling and styling products:

Top Brands Laboratories hair styling private label products are made custom based on clients need such as leave on conditioners, hair sprays, hair gels, hair pomades, hair straightening products, curly hair styling products, hair volumizing products, hair holding and molding gels, pomades , sprays and foams,… just send us email of what exactly the products you like to make, may be send a sample you like and our chemist will do it for you. In addition we offer stock and custom Argan oil treatments, Moroccanbeautiful hair oil and treatments.

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