Private label sexual and sensual intimate products

Aside from skincare, hair care, body care, beauty and color cosmetic products, Top Brands Laboratoriesalso offers a wide range of sensual/sexual intimate products that have been specifically formulated to cater to the different sensual or intimate needs of our clients. These products are developed and manufactured with the highest quality standards in place; this makes our sensual and intimate products very safe and very effective. As these products are intended for the most sensitive areas of the body, we made sure that our products’ formulations will never cause irritations and or damage.

The Stimulating Cream and Gel for Women (stock private label)

The Stimulating Cream and Gel for Women is one of the best sensual and intimate products that you can use to help enhance sexual sensitivity in women. This amazing product contains very potent yet gentle and safe-to-use ingredients which will not irritate your sensitive areas. This product is ideal for women who want to improve their level of sexual stimulation as well as take the pleasure that you feel to new heights. The Stimulating Cream and Gel for Women is an ideal partner for your intimate needs, this product has been formulated to help give you a huge improvement in the way you sexual feel pleasure with the help of special ingredients that target your pleasure receptors and also help increase your comfort level and ease at the same time.

The Vaginal Tightener(stock private label)

The Vaginal Tightener is one of our most unique intimate products, this is one of the best intimate products that you can use to help improve and enhance the tightness in your most sensitive area. This amazing product contains unique ingredients that can easily help stimulate your vaginal muscles so you can experience heightened pleasure and a more intense sensation. This product also contains safe and gentle ingredients which will not cause irritations. This product is also specifically formulated to help you increase the feeling and sensation that you would normally feel during sexual intercourse.

The Vaginal Tightener is an amazing product that we have developed specifically for the sensitive and delicate vaginal area, developed with your safety and needs in mind; we made sure that this product will be able to effectively provide you with what you need without causing any skin irritations or other similar problems.

The Water Based Lubricants(stock private label)

The Water Based Lubricants are safe and non-irritatingingredients which are glycerin-free and much thinner and lighter when compared to other heavy, oily and high volume lubricants. This product is one of the best water based lubricants that you can use for your most intimate moments simply because it is very gentle and it does not cause any staining. These products are latex compatible and they are available in liquid, gel or cream form.

These lubricants are not sticky or heavy, they cause are specifically formulated for the sensitive and delicate areas of your body and it also effective helps lessen the friction caused by sexual stimulation and helps you avoid irritations, soreness and other similar problems caused by dryness during sexual intercourse.

Warming Lubricants(stock private label)

The warming Lubricants are one of the most unique lubricants that we offer, these products gently heat up upon contact and these help improve and heighten both pleasure and sensation. These lubricants come in a water or silicone base and they are available in gel, cream or liquid form, the ingredients utilized within these products are very safe to use and are non-irritating, these products can easily help provide you with the comfort and pleasure that you need without causing any harm or discomfort.

Much like our water-based lubricants, the warming lubricants are also developed specifically for your most sensitive and delicate areas, they are made with ingredients which do not cause irritations and other similar problems. These warming products are formulated to help provide you with heat as well as improve your sensation of pleasure at the same time. This product can actually help improve your overall sexual experience.

Flavored Delicious Lubricants(stock private label)

The Flavored delicious Lubricants is another unique product that we have developed to help enhance your pleasure experience as well as provide excitement. These lubricants have real flavors which range from fruit flavors and other flavor types. You can also choose from a variety of colors as well as scents, its flavors include:

  • Cherry
  • Vanilla
  • Pina Colada
  • Blueberry
  • passion fruit,
  • appuccino
  • Green apple
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Kiwi
  • And so much more


The Flavored Delicious Lubricants are specifically formulated to improve your overall sexual experience without causing irritations, itchiness and other problems, on the other hand, it helps improve the level of pleasure that you experience and helps you avoid chaffing, friction and other forms of damage caused by dryness.

The Male Enhancement Gel(stock private label)

The Male Enhancement Gel is an amazing product that is specifically formulated to help men increase stamina and prolong the pleasurable sensation. The Gel is made from select ingredients which can easily help you enhance both performance and pleasure; this makes it one of the best male enhancement products that you can buy to help significantly increase your stamina and completely take the whole experience to an entirely new level.

The Male Enhancement Gel is a great product that you can buy to help improve the different factors that make up your entire sexual experience, it helps improve performance as well as heighten your pleasure levels so you get to enjoy more and get more satisfaction.

The Seduction Massage Oils And Creams &Sensual Body And Bath ProductsAside from all these different sensual and intimate products, we can also offer you with many other different custom products which range from Seduction massage oils as well as other intimate body and bath products. These products are specifically formulated to help enhance and heighten pleasure and sensation without causing irritations and other problems. The massage oils are designed to help you or your partner feel relaxed and at ease, this product is perfect for stress reduction and even for foreplay. The Sensual body and bath products on the other hand, are also ideal for stress reduction, these products can be used before or after sensual and intimate activities and they can easily help you relax and unwind at the same time.

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