Private label skin care – hair care – body and bath – color cosmetics research and development

In accordance with our company’s promise to our valued clients that we will continue to develop and manufacture great products to keep up with their ever-growing and ever-changing needs.

Top Brands Laboratories is one of very few companies in the US that have worked with and developed our very own skin care masks and patches which cover over all aspects from the gel type, transdermal delivery system and adhesives utilized.

We have researched and introduced countless numbers of new products such as skin anti-aging, skin firming and anti-wrinkles, anti-acne products, anti-cellulite products and many other products using new complexes, peptides, latest delivery systems for fortune 100, 500 companies in US and around the world.

No matter what formula you are looking for, call us today, lets discuss together your ideas, concepts and your brand story, we are sure we can design the best for you.

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